Jim Lampley Calls Mayweather-McGregor Fight a “Marvelous Scam”

Jim Lampley Mayweather-McGregor a Scam

Two months Floyd Mayweather recorded a TKO win over Conor McGregor, people are still talking about the fight.

TMZ recently caught up with Hall of Fame boxing commentator Jim Lampley, who offered his opinion on what became the most hyped fights in boxing history.

He called the whole thing a “marvelous scam” and was more than certain that Mayweather would return for another fight with McGregor.

“He allowed Conor to ‘win three rounds’, so the whole global MMA community could have something to latch onto,” Lampley said. “I think there’s a decent chance there’s enough suckers out there… Floyd could make another $150 million dollars. Why not?”

“Why should he retire? Why is he putting out videos of him working out? It’s all a set up,” he continued.

When asked if he believed Mayweather would “risk” his undefeated record to return once more, Lampley laughed.

“Risk? Risk? Did you just associate the word ‘risk’ with Floyd Mayweather? This is not about risk young man. Risk has nothing to do with it. “