Paul Wall Offers Free Grillz to Entire Houston Astros Team

Houston Astros
via Instagram / Paul Wall

With World Series mania in full swing, fans of the Houston Astros are going crazy, especially hometown star Paul Wall.

The Houston rap veteran took to Twitter earlier this week to celebration the Astros’ trip to the World Series… by offeirng them free grillz.

“U know we had to do it!” Paul Wall wrote.

Pitcher Lance McCullers Jr. immediately responded, saying the team was excited over the new bling.

Paul replied “I got u big HOMIE!”

Apparently, Wall extended the offer beyond the players too. Astros reporter Julia Morales asked if it applied to her… and Wall said yes.

He also said pitcher Justin Verlander’s famous fiancee, model Kate Upton, can get one as well.

Looks like everyone in Houston will be shining!