McDonald’s Wants Fans to Steal Box of 24K Chicken McNuggets

McDonald's 24-Karat Chicken McNuggets

After Burger King trolled McDonald’s at the IT premiere in Germany, McD’s strikes back with a unique campaign in Hong Kong.

McDonald’s is bringing back the nugget sauce-stealing Jack the Dipper and asking customers to put together a virtual team of bandits, creatively named the “Dipper Squad”, to steal 24-karat gold Chicken McNuggets. Yes, actual 24-karat gold Chicken McNuggets.

To give it a try, customers can unlock access to four online games with the purchase of a box of normal McNuggets. After completing missions and virtually collecting four dipping sauces, you will ultimately unlock the safe that holds the golden prize.

If you don’t win the 24-karat nuggets, there’s many other prizes as well, including a year of free Chicken McNuggets.

You check check out the promo video below for more info.