Crooks & Castles logo

After closing its flagship on Los Angeles’ Fairfax Avenue earlier this year, Crooks & Castles is making some changes.

This week, after 15 years in business, the brand announced that it will launch its Spring 2018 line with a new licensing partner, severing ties with Garment Licensee Group “12 Ounce”.

“We’ve been around for over ten years, we’ve seen the market evolve and expand. We helped germinate what’s currently in today’s fashion microcosm. This spring will take us to what has always been our focal point, the Castle and to rule the Kingdom from which we helped create,” said Crooks & Castles co-founder Dennis Calvero.

Launched in Los Angeles in 2002, Crooks & Castles set itself apart with product that reflected high end with street influence. The name itself originated from the idea that “behind every castle stands a crook.”

For the future, Crooks says it plans to “go above and beyond what has been done in the past and shake up the industry once again in true Crooks fashion.”

Details about its upcoming Spring 2018 season is currently unknown. Stay tuned…