Chris Brown Talks Rihanna & “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” Album

Chris Brown

A week ahead of its release, Chris Brown opens up about his upcoming double-album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon, in a new interview on Hot 97.

With 45 songs on the project, Breezy says he approached the album that touches all bases of his personality. “With this album, I wanted to capture all bases of who my audience like and what songs they can actually identify with,” he said. “More R&B, all my girl fans love it, you gon’ have it. More pop, you gon’ have it. But it’s still gonna be my essence.”

As for critics of his single, “Pills & Automobiles”, Brown says he gets criticism because of who he is. “They only care ’cause it’s me. If it was ‘Molly Percocet,’ everybody’s turning up and OD’ing at the same time… The record is about fun, exactly what you see in the video, pool parties, that summer vibe. That’s a terminology that we use, that slang. So, I just felt like with that record, it was kinda like fun. It was urgent. It was just something to do and have fun.”

As mentioned, Brown addresses Rihanna and if he spoke to her before detailing the night he assaulted her on his documentary, Welcome to My Life. “That’s irrelevant at this point. The movie’s out,” he said.

In support of Heartbreak on a Full Moon, which drops October 31, Brown will host a free pop-up concert with TIDAL for lucky fans at a secret location on Wednesday (October 25).

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