Lonzo Ball Drops New Rap Single “Super Saiyan”

Lonzo Ball
via Instagram / Lonzo Ball

Following a disappointing NBA debut, Lonzo Ball bounced back with a huge second game, where he came up short of a triple-double by one assist.

He finished his second game with 29 points, grabbing 11 rebounds, and 9 assists. If he reached 10 assists, he would’ve been the youngest player in NBA history to record a triple-double.

Not bothered by the start of the NBA season, Ball has dropped a brand new rap single, titled “Super Saiyan”, which he shared on Twitter.

“I had to stunt on my haters, I had to show ’em who’s boss,” he raps. “I had to flex on my haters, diamonds, they dripping in sauce.”

On the hook, Ball adds: “Triple B’s, I’m the man. I’m leveled up, I’m Super Saiyan. You said I can’t, but I can. Triple B’s got the plan. I had to stunt on my haters, I had to show ’em who’s boss. I had to flex on my haters, diamonds they drippin’ in sauce.”

Lonzo Ball’s “Super Saiyan” single is available now at digital retailers.

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