Virgin Group founder Richard Branson recently revealed his latest insane project, which doubles as both art and a new artificial ocean reef.

The billionaire recently backed a project, where an 80-foot steel sculpture of a Kraken was created and placed atop an old ship to sink it to the bottom of the ocean floor.

As seen in the photos above, the Kodiak Queen — one of the last boats to survive World War II’s Pearl Harbor bombings — was purchased by Branson as the basis of an art installation, which over the course of nine months was outfitted with a wire-frame kraken sculpture that would allow both divers and marine life to thrive.

In the end, it would serve as a new reef on the ocean floor.

The Kodiak Queen was set out to sea over the summer and then sunk. Today, it is filled with fish and other fauna, and open for divers to explore.

If interested, you can seen it for yourself off the coast of Virgin Gorda