British car maker Lotus has unveiled this ultra-fast, limited model, the Elise Cup 260.

Limited to just 30 models, the supercar was made for the racetrack, which the brand says boasts “advanced aerodynamics” to propel the vehicle and light carbon fiber for 396 lbs of downforce produced at 151 mph.

Incredibly, it weighs just 1,900 lbs and can zoom from 0-60 mph in only 3.8 seconds. However, it boasts just 250 horsepower and 188-lb-ft respectively, powered by a chargecooled supercharged 1.8L engine.

The car also sports traditional Elise Cup roll hoop, sill and engine covers, alongside two-piece brake discs, and two way adjustable Nitron dampers. Inside, we see Alcantara, aluminum, carbon fiber and an advanced entertainment system, offering a luxurious experience.

The Lotus Elise Cup 260 starts at £59,500 and will be available onlin in the UK.