Touring Vans New Headquarters in Costa Mesa, California

Touring Vans New Headquarters in Costa Mesa, California

Costa Mesa isn’t just a beautiful beach city in Southern California, it is also the home to the new Vans Headquarters! Making the move down south from their last location in Cypress, the new HQ is an amazing workplace. With about 500 employees, they needed room. The new HQ is 182,000 square feet on 14 acres of land.

After moving in June, the Vans team has finally settled in and recently hosted their housewarming party. We were able to get a VIP tour guide, as well as gifted a secret golden ticket pass (which we will highlight in a separate piece).

As soon as we entered the back lot, we were able to take in the huge open area they have. There’s an emptied out pool with a statue in the middle that people were skating in. A great amount of green too, with trees and some grass locations to sit on. Moving closer to the building, we walked through an open space that had art on the walls along, with more being created during the party.

Apparently, the biggest request from employees for the new HQ was a gym, WiFi, and coffee. They got all three! The gym is packed with every machine you can think of, as well as separate rooms for yoga and boot camp training. There’s even a surfboard and bike rack room in the back for those who want to go for a quick swim or ride around town. With all the amenities, there really isn’t a reason to leave the building. There’s even showers that you can use after an intense workout.

Strolling the ground floor, throughout the hallways you’ll find custom art pieces donated from past Vans collaborators. They are ever-rotating, so it’s almost a must to grab a selfie with them before they get relocated and replaced with an updated version. Most of the meeting rooms are even dedicated to the artists and athletes that Vans have worked with. Each also contains a piece from the partner, helping it make it feel like home.

One of our favorite rooms was the “jam room”, most likely named after the fact that there’s a whole band set-up for employees to come in and just jam! Not only was there a bunch of instruments, but they also had games in there. From Foosball and ping-pong to air hockey and even Ms. Pacman! We would never get work done if we had one of those rooms.