Isabela Moner & Santiago Cabrera Talks “Transformers”, Best Mash-Ups

Isabela Moner and Santiago Cabrera

With Transformers: The Last Knight now available for digital download and on Blu-Ray, we recently spoke with both Isabela Moner and Santiago Cabrera to talk about the franchise. Not only did they tell us who they’d like to drive off into the sunset with, but also what it was like growing up watching Transformers.

Growing up, were either of you into the Transformers franchise? I know Isabela, it might have been difficult to watch the animated series, but I think the first Transformers film is also a great starting point.

Santiago Cabrera: I grew up on watching the animated series and having an Optimus Prime toy.

Isabela Moner: I did have some Transformers toys. I actually had a lot because of my brothers and they were obsessed with the series, so I happened to be watching it sometime with them. I grew up watching the Michael Bay movies and been a fan since.

What about Transformers: The Last Knight attracted you guys to work on the film?

Santiago: I mean, just being part of that universe and it’s epic world. The fact that this one is sort of the end of the ten-year run of that kind of Michael Bay’s world, just makes it huge. Such a great film and just knowing you’re going to be in it and work with Michael (Bay) and the cast. It was a really fun experience.

Isabela: I don’t know how to top that. You captured it all.

From the Last Knight, we see many new Transformers and vehicles, which would you consider driving off into the sunset with?

Santiago: I’d piggyback on Squeaks.

Isabela: Good luck getting anywhere! I want to pull up in Hound’s vehicle. That’s one of the biggest cars I’ve seen. I remember in one of the scenes I had to drive in that and everybody else got a really cool sports car, but I got the biggest.

Santiago: I got to ride in some really cool military jeeps; The drivers were amazing.

Were you able to get behind the wheel in any of them?

Santiago: I was able to sit behind the wheel and take a picture with it.

Isabela: SAME! I should never own anything that expensive, I wouldn’t trust myself with it.

There’s always talk of the Transformers universe expanding, are there any you’d like to see it collide with?

Santiago: Probably with the Jedi spaceship putting down its ramp and Optimus Prime driving up into it.

Isabela: That’d be cool and a fight betwee, CP-3O and Cogman. Who’s the better one? What I would like to see for the next Transformers is a baby one. All the main actors and the Transformers as babies.

Santiago: Sold, I’m sold.

Isabela: So Kevin Hart’s head on a baby and Jonah Hill as Mark Wahlberg, but in a baby form.

Santiago: You’ve obviously thought of this before.

Isabela: It’s not like it’s a dream of mine or anything.

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