Vince Staples Calls Eminem’s Freestyle “Trash”, But…

Vince Staples
via Deadline LTD

Eminem stirred things up last week, when he dropped a scathing freestyle aimed at President Donald Trump.

While most of hip-hop praised Em for his stance against the current POTUS, outspoken Long Beach rapper Vince Staples wasn’t as impressed.

Shortly after Eminem’s freestyle, Vince called it “trash”. While speaking at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art for Pitchfork’s In Sight Out series, he said: “It was trash. He can do better.”

After his purported comments went viral, Staples took to Twitter, saying his words were taken out of context and were simply made in good fun.

“The mnm statement was all in good fun I like him & Kim. @Pitchfork took it out of context because they thirsty. Lemme get these jokes off. And yall not about to sit here and try to convince me the Donald the bitch line had y’all out y’all seat shut up. How we gonna clown Xtentacion for rapping like a sorcerer on XXL but let M go full assasins creed & then deny me the right to my jokes. Me not being able to make jokes about mnm is white supremacy @pitchfork don’t make me call Cornell West. Somebody must have emailed yall mad huh?”