Cassie ft. G-Eazy – Love a Loser (Video)


Fresh off the release of her self-titled, 10-minute short film, Cassie delivers the official video for her single, “Love a Loser” featuring G-Eazy.

The Harrison Boyce-directed clip begins with Cassie and her man talking about his upbringing in the projects of Paris, before we are taken on a wild ride during their tragic romance. From motel room arguments, liquor store spats, and tender moments, their relationship is turbulent to say the least.

“I would rather lose a lover than to love a loser,” Cassie sings on the hook.

Later, G-Eazy pops up in a motel room, as he raps about a past romance.

“Love a Loser” is set to appear on Cassie’s sophomore album, her first album since her 2006 debut.