Introducing Storelli’s Performance-Boosting Sock: the SpeedGrip

Storelli SpeedGrip Sock

Brooklyn-based sports tech brand Storelli is launching a sock via Kickstarter that is engineered to enhance athletic performance, dubbed the SpeedGrip Sock.

The sock is designed to improve foot traction, providing more speed, power and control. Its made with thin, moisture-wicking compression fabrics that are sewn together — rather than knitted like traditional socks — and also incorporate non-woven high-grip fibers that are seamlessly bonded to the rest of the sock using heat. The end result is a lightweight sock that fits like a grip-enhancing second skin.

The highlight is the sole, which is infused with a layer of Storelli’s SpeedGrip technology, bonded to the rest of the sock for traction where feet need it most. It also retains grip in both wet or dry conditions.

The Storelli SpeedGrip Sock dropped on for early adopters, followed by an official launch in January 2018 on at $39.99 USD.