Samsung Poised For Big Payday From Every iPhone X Sold

iPhone X

Following the recent release of Apple’s iPhone 8, brand enthusiasts are now awaiting the anticipated drop of the iPhone X.

Surprisingly, when Apple’s new smartphone drops, their largest competitor will profit from it.

According to Mashable, Samsung stands to make a lot of cash from the success of the iPhone X, because the Korean electronics giant is the exclusive supplier of its new OLED displays, while also providing its memory chips.
If the iPhone X moves major units, it will become one of Samsung’s biggest revenue sources.

The report says Samsung will actually earn around $110 USD from every iPhone X sold, according to analysis by Counterpoint Technology Market Research for the Wall Street Journal. With estimates that Apple will sell 130 million units through the summer of 2019, it will result in an estimated $4 billion in revenue for Samsung.

By comparison, Samsung makes about $202 USD for every Galaxy S8 sold. Project sales for the S8 8is about 50 million units over the next 20 months, which adds up to about $10.1 billion in revenue. In that same period, the iPhone X could make Samsung $14.3 billion. WHOA!

Its unclear how long this will continue, as reports say Apple is looking into other options.