Super Nintendo Classic Edition

As expected, the launch of Nintendo’s SNES Classic Edition is big, with reports coming in that it has sold out instantly… everywhere.

As previously reported, the limited launch of the 1990s Nintendo console was this Friday (Sept. 29), and reports are saying, it has sold out.

“I’ve been calling Targets, Walmarts, Best Buys and GameStops on the East Coast for much of the morning, and in that time I’ve only been able to locate ten or so units still available for sale — and those were all pretty early in the morning,” writes Dave Thier on “Most stores I called sold out as soon as they opened, with long lines meaning that not even all the people who showed up early were able to get their hands on a unit.”

The SNES Classic Edition follows up the massively successful release of the Nintendo NES Classic last fall.

Its a mini version of the Super Nintendo, which was released with replicas of the original controllers and comes pre-loaded with 21 classic games — including The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past, Super Mario World and Super Metroid. It was released for $79.99 USD, but as of press time, units have hit eBay for as high as $10,000 USD… though most are listed from around $160 to $200 USD.

Did you cop the new SNES Classic Edition?