Deshaun Watson
via Instagram / Deshaun Watson

I met Deshaun Watson a little over a month, before he played his first NFL game and he was super dope. He exudes good energy. I’ve learned over the years that there are few things more telling about a person than the way they treat people they don’t have to be nice to — like if your girl is cussing out the waiter or the valet, she ain’t wifey material. Straight up!

I’m pleased to report that Deshaun is no charlatan. He gave his first NFL game check (not pocket watchin’, but it’s not a small amount) to the lunch ladies at the Houston Texans’ cafeteria.

This is a 22-year-old kid who came from nothing. He’s been rich for like two months and this is how he’s acting. Most people who come into money acutely are out buying the bar or trickin’ at the strip club. Not Deshaun. He’s out there helping those in need. He hasn’t forgotten where he came from, and that bodes well for where he’s going.

This is the kind of story that should be making headlines. Not who’s doing what during the national anthem.

Deshaun got the juice on the field, too. As a starting quarterback in the NFL, he’s 1-1. His only loss was against Tom Brady on the road. And… Watson’s Texans were 30 seconds and one defensive stop away from the W in Week 3 in Foxborough.

Houston’s GM and Rick Smith was right on the money when he grabbed Deshaun in the first round of this year’s NFL Draft. He’s the kind of guy you want to build a franchise around. You can teach offensive schemes, you can tweak throwing mechanics, but you can’t teach character.