Bill Gates
via Gisela Giardino / CC-BY-2.0

Although it was likely inevitable, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has finally switched over to Android.

During an interview with FOX News over the weekend, the world’s richest man admitted that he is now using an Android phone, after Microsoft failed to make a real dent in the smartphone market.

The software giant shuttered its phone division two years ago, and as a result, Microsoft for mobile became a dead platform. Makes sense, especially since the support from hardware makers and app developers outside of Microsoft was virtually non-exsistent.

Gates told FOX that he uses is an “Android phone with a lot of Microsoft software.”

He didn’t reveal the exact Android phone he is using, but his statement could suggest that he’s using the Microsoft Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S8, as noted by Mashable.

Furthermore, Gates laughed when asked about the iPhone.

“Steve [Jobs] was a genius. Absolutely amazing,” Gates said

Though Microsoft apps run on Macs, iPhones and iPads, Gates’ company and Apple have always been rivals.