Ken Block’s 1,400HP Ford Mustang Takes On Colorado’s Pikes Peak

Ken Block Pikes Peak

Professional rally driver Ken Block returns with a new installment of his epic Gymkhana series. This time, he takes his heavily-modded 1965 Ford Mustang through Colorado’s legendary Pikes Peak mountain range.

Via a partnership with Toyo Tires, the nine-minute film finds Block racing through the canyon roads, drifting around sharp turns and coming inches within steep dropoffs, all while climbing the mountain range that rises 14,115 feet in elevation.

His ’65 Mustang boasts 1,400 hp, via a twin-turbo methanol fueled RTR V2, while gripping the asphault with Toyo Proxes R888R tires.

Watch Block’s epic ride in the video above, and see all of his past videos here.