Brock Lesnar Defeats Braun Strowman at WWE No Mercy

Brock Lesnar
via WWE

If you missed this weekend’s WWE No Mercy event, it ended with the anticipated match-up between Brock Lesnar and the massive giant, Braun Strowman.

In the end, Brock retained the WWE Universal title.

In front of WWE fans at Staples Center in Los Angeles, Strowman started off the bout strong, by throwing around Lesnar and nearly ending things with a choke slam just one minute in.

The champ attempted his signature F5 move, but Strowman threw him out of the ring instead. Eventually, Brock gained control with a kimura arm-bar submission, followed by five straight German suplexes.

Brock attempted the F5 again, but Strowman countered and pulled off a couple of running powerslams, but his arm was still hurting and his momentum died.

Ultimately, Lesnar caught him with an F5, and that was it.

You can check out a highlight from the match above.