Floyd Mayweather: “I Haven’t Cashed Pacquiao or McGregor Checks”

Floyd Mayweather pacquiao mcgregor checks
via TMZ

Floyd Mayweather is enjoying retirement without a worry in the world. He’s got plenty of money stashed away. In fact, he says he has two major checks he hasn’t cashed yet.

While in Los Angeles this week, TMZ cameras caught up with him and grilled him about retirement. That’s when he dropped the news.

“I haven’t even touched that money. I’mma post that check tomorrow. I still got that [Conor McGregor check] and I still got that [Manny Pacquiao check],” Mayweather revealed to a surprised cameraman.

“I still own all my houses. I still own all my cars,” he added.

Mayweather was guaranteed purses of $100 million for both aforementioned fights, but earned much more. Adding his cut of ticket and pay-per-view sales, the boxing legend is said to have pocketed around $250 million for each fight — both of which he won, of course.

Imagine sitting one two $100 million checks? DAMN!