Ouch! Watch the iPhone 8 Put Through Wringer in Extreme Durability Test

iPhone 8 Durability Test

With the release of Apple’s new iPhone 8 here, dropping in stores today (Sept. 22), one Youtuber puts the latest generation iPhone to an extreme durability test.

JerryRigEverything reviews a lot of smartphones and really puts them to the test. This cringe-worthy clip finds the new iPhone 8 getting put through the wringer, via a scratch test with a razor blade and other tools; a flame test to the touchscreen; and even a bend test.

Surprisingly, it does hold up pretty well, but is scratched all to sh*t… including the Apple’s sapphire camera lens, which Jerry questions regarding quality.

Despite being touted as the most durable iPhone to date, Jerry found that the iPhone 8 is no more or less scratch-resistant than the iPhone 7. But, it holds up well to normal things like keys and coins in your pocket. It does, however, pass Jerry’s bend test with flying colors. As much as he tries to bend it, it stays intact and doesn’t hurt the phone, which means things are all good for those rocking skinny jeans.

Take a look at the durability test above, and tell us about your experience so far with the iPhone 8 in the comments below.

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