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Boosie Badazz apparently DGAF that he dissed late rapper Nu$$ie in his recently released track “Get Ya Mind Right.”

Despite stirring up controversy with the song, the Southern rapper offered his opinion on the criticism and essentially says he doesn’t care.

“I’m talking a lot of sh*t, dropping a couple of names,” Boosie said of the song in an interview with XXL.

“I was just saying how I felt,” he continued. “Even though he’s gone, rest in peace, I still felt like he was a p*ssy for what he was doing as far as hating on me and what I had going; people taking it the wrong way. When my boy was killed, he’s the same rapper who made songs about my boy. We didn’t take it any kind of way. I basically said what I said. I don’t regret what I said at all. That’s how I feel and that’s how I feel always. If he was alive or anybody else, I would still say you’re a p*ssy.”

That’s exactly what Boosie says on “Get Ya Mind Right”. He mentions Nu$$ie by name and refers to him as a “pussy.”

You can listen to “Get Ya Mind Right” below:

This isn’t the first time Boosie said something controversial about a late rapper. Over the summer, he said Tupac ain’t got nothing on him when it comes to being gangsta.

“Tupac raised me. I love the f*ck outta Tupac. I’m saying as far as, on an all out just real gangster sh*t, them niggas can’t even come close to me,” Boosie said on Instagram Live. “I’ma tell you real sh*t. Like they really rappers. They just rappers… I love the sh*t outta them but as far as… them niggas ain’t got no life like my sh*t.”