Nike Reveals New Official NBA Socks

NBA Nike socks

In addition to officially revealing the new Nike NBA jerseys, Nike has unveiled the league’s official socks for the 2017-18 season.

Nike has debuted the new NBA NikeGrip Power Crew and Quick Crew Socks. Each sock is made of NikeGrip yarn, providing anti-slip traction and zone-specified cushioning, helping with both ventilation and foot protection.

The NikeGrip Power Crew Sock’s is thicker for further cushioning, while the NikeGrip Quick Crew Sock has a lightweight feel.

Also, as you can see, the Nike and NBA logos are shown alongside each other. However, the Jordan Brand Jumpman logo is shown, likely as an option for the Charlotte Hornets.

The NBA NikeGrip Power Crew and Quick Crew Socks from Nike and Jordan drop in black and white colorways on October 1, available online.

Also, an NBA Nike Elite Quick Sock launch will follow in team color options.