Yung Joc rocks a dress

Yung Joc was spotted wearing a dress?

The Atlanta rapper made headlines this week, when a photo surfaced of him out in public rocking a full-blown dress.

Its unclear what Joc was doing, but it appears from the photo that he was spotted walking Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles in this long purple dress. WOW!!!

The internet went off, roasting the Atlanta rapper online.

“I was going to question why Yung Joc wearing a dress but I remembered he’s from Atlanta,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Give us Tommy From Power and y’all can have Yung Joc he out here rocking a maxi dress. ‘Meet me at rainbow it’s goin down’,” another wrote.

Following the internet chatter, Joc addressed the photo in a pair of Instagram videos, where he called the dress just “threads.” He also claims he knew it would get the reaction it did, which he said he did to  build awareness around his new TV projects.

“It’s called internet manipulation. This is gonna be one of the craziest times ever,” Joc said, before adding that he’s currently on four VH1 TV series.

“Get wit’ it,” he continued. “It’s just a thread. It’s just some sh*t a man made. It’s a thread. It’s nothing. Now, if you give me a shield and a spear and put a goddamn leather, metal belt around my waist, then I might look like a motherf*cking Roman, 300, Sparta. But that’s another case. All I’mma say is, quit being so judgmental, people. It’s threads.”

Finally, Joc says this will be the last time he speaks on this “until the show comes out.”

Umm…what do you think of Yung Joc sporting a dress?