Presented by Hennessy and in conjunction with Paper Planes Collective and Apt.4B, the “Ruff Rugged & Raw” exhibition gallery in Downtown Los Angeles over the weekend celebrated the works of legendary photographers Danny Hastings, B+ and Xiouping.

Through their lens’, they collectively and successfully documented what was arguably one of THE most acclaimed and celebrated eras in hip-hop music — the 1990’s. The intimate gallery space showcased some truly iconic photographs from Nas to old school photographs of Cypress Hill, to one of the great’s (and BallerStatus’ favorite) Terror Squad’s “Last Supper” from Big Pun’s “Yeah Baby”.

With an artist Q&A, followed by a Cocktail Reception hosted by Hennessy (we drank The Ginger and The Berry Hennessy concoctions and highly recommend them), guests mingled til late and were given the opportunity to check out serious fun, vintage items from the “Back In The Day” section, including a VHS tape, a Soul II Soul cassette tape and the original Nintendo Entertainment System (sadly, none of these were for sale).

Numerous black and white classic photographs — House of Pain with DJ Muggs, The Fugees, Lil’ Kim, Rza & Ol’ Dirty Bastard etc. — adorned the walls and captivated attendees who were taken on a trip down memory lane featuring everything that we loved about 90’s hip-hop, as well as showcasing the music legends in both the early stages and height of their careers.

We also saw seriously cool shots of Woo-Ha (Busta) in New York City, 1994, The Doggfather Snoop (both by Xiouping); Eazy-E in Norwalk, 1994; Warren G in Long Beach, 1996 and Mos Def from 1999 (B+); Eminem and Royce, Bad Meets Evil, in 2011 and Tribe Call Quest from 1996 (Danny Hastings), to name a few. Additionally we caught sight of a baby faced Dr Dre wearing an LA Lakers cap and UCLA sweater, with Eazy-E wearing a Compton cap, from a private collection. Epic!