Marilyn Manson
via Instagram / Marilyn Manson

Rocker Marilyn Manson apparently gets at least some of his inspiration from the pop music world… and Rihanna?

Following the recent announcement of his upcoming album, Heaven Upside Down, he released an industrial-heavy single titled “WE KNOW WHERE YOU F*CKING LIVE”… which he admits is inspired by the pop star.

In a recent interview with Consequence of Sound, Mansion said Rihanna drew his attention with the cut “Love On The Brain”, off her 2016 album ANTI.

“Strangely enough, one of the records that influenced this album strongly, and it can’t be taken literally, is Rihanna, her last record,” the rocker explained. “That one song, ‘Love On The Brain’, it really hit me because I saw her perform it and she just… meant it.”

“You can tell when something is being forced and trying to be something it isn’t,” Manson continued. “It’s not about how many tattoos you have or if you say ‘f*ck’ enough in a song, it’s in the way you say it. It’s the way you live your life.”

Another bit of Manson news that may surprise you is that he is planning to collaborate with rising rapper Lil Uzi Vert.

The Philly rapper is a big fan of the rocker and they apparently connected. During that same interview with CoS, Mansion revealed that the two are working together. “He wants to do a rock album next, and I would love to see that happen because I think that he could make a new thing,” the rocker said.