LOL! Apple Failed When Trying to Demo FaceID For First Time

Apple FACEID Fail

Apple unveiled three new phones on Tuesday (Sept. 12), including the much-talked about iPhone X.

In addition to the bezel-less display and absence of the home button, one of the biggest additions was FaceID. Its unveiling, however, was kind of embarrassing… because it didn’t work.

During the demonstration, Apple senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi attempted to unlock an iPhone X using its new Face ID feature. But, when he held up the phone to his face, it didn’t recognize him and failed to unlock it, prompting him with the passcode instead.

“Here is iPhone 10. Now, unlocking it is as easy as looking at it, and swiping up,” Federighi said to the crowd… before the epic fail!

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“Let’s try that again,” he said as he held the device in his hand and gave it a second try. This time it worked… thankfully. However, as noted by other tech bloggers, he wiped his face first. Does that mean FaceID doesn’t work when there’s sweat on your face or is a bit oily?

Either way, FaceID garnered a lot of chatter on social media, with fans roasting Apple. See some of it below: