IT movie
via New Line Cinema

Horror film fans came out in droves to see the big screen adaptation for Stephen King’s IT. But… imagine if you walked into the theater to this!!

One fan walked into the movie theater and got a surprise.

A guy named Chris were the first ones into a screening of the film… and saw a creepy clown, complete with a red balloon sitting there waiting to see the movie too!

The guy shared in the image on social media… and some suggested he leave. But, he had a different reaction instead.

If you missed the news, IT topped the weekend box office, bringing in over $123.1 million… a record.

The opening was the third largest of 2017. But, IT broke the record for largest September debut ever, previously held by Hotel Transylvania 2. It was also the biggest opening weekend by a horror or supernatural film — Paranormal Activity 3 took in $52.6 million in 2011.

If you’ve plucked up the courage to go and see the new IT adaptation, you’ll probably want to be surrounded by loved ones.

Stephen King’s IT is in theaters now. Word is, the studios are already working on the sequel.