Kevin Durant Says Nobody Wears Under Armour, Steph Curry Replies

Stephen Curry x Under Armour
via Under Armour

Kevin Durant made an insensitive comment about Under Armour recently, maybe not really thinking about teammate Steph Curry, who is a main endorser of the brand.

If you missed it, KD told Bill Simmons on his The Ringer podcast that “Nobody wants to play in Under Armours.”

“I’m sorry,” he said. “The top kids don’t, ’cause they all play Nike.”

Why would he say that? He was giving his opinion as to why the University of Maryland, which is sponsored by Under Armour, is unable to recruit top high school athletes.

When Simmons asked Durant had expressed his thoughts on Under Armour with Curry, he said no, but that “everybody knows” that’s why so many young players leave the DMV area.

Well, Steph has replied and disagrees… obviously. In an interview with the Charlotte Observer, he defended Under Armour, saying: “Where we were four years ago, and where we are now — you can’t tell me nobody wants to wear our shoes. I know for a fact that they do.”

Curry also added that he and Durant had a conversation about his comments, and made it clear that it won’t affect their team dynamic. “I told him that he has a certain opinion based on his experience growing up in the Nike business,” he told the paper. “What that means when it comes to the competition among shoe brands and universities and the whole grassroots system and whatnot — he’s entitled to that opinion obviously.”

Do you think KD should’ve made that comment about Under Armour? Especially since his teammate is Steph Curry? Let us know what you think.