The Internet Roasts Los Angeles Rams Over Attendance in NFL Opener
via Twitter / NotJustSports

The NFL officially kicked off its 2017-18 season on Sunday (Sept. 10) and fans didn’t really come out for the Los Angeles Rams.

According to reports, the team’s season opener had sparse attendance at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum… with 60,128 tickets sold. Season openers are usually sold out, but the Rams couldn’t pack the stadium, which holds more than 93,000 seats.

Despite how many tickets sold, it didn’t appear as though all of them showed up, as the stadium looked less than half full. Reports said some tickets were going for as low as $6.

The poor attendance may have been due to the weather, as Sunday’s temperatures in Los Angeles were nearly 100 degrees. Still, the Rams defeated the 60,128 46-9.

That didn’t stop fans on social media from roasting the team… and they were brutal. LMFAO. See what we’re talking about below.