2K Unveils New “NBA 2K18” Cover With Kyrie Irving in Boston Celtics Uniform

NBA 2K18 Cover With Kyrie Irving in Boston Celtics Uniform

With Kyrie Irving’s trade to the Boston Celtics finalized, his cover for NBA 2K18 had to be revised to update his team change.

2K took to social media this week, revealing a brand new cover for their upcoming NBA 2K18 title, featuring Irving in a Celtics uniform.

Apparently, the updated cover will be released “at a later date,” according to the company. This means the original cover with the All-Star in a Cleveland Cavaliers jersey will be released as planned on the game’s launch date of September 15th.

If you haven’t been following, Irving requested a trade from the Cavs in July, essentially telling the team that he wanted to play on a team where he’s the focal point. And, no longer wanted to play alongside LeBron James.

A month later, the Cavs facilitated his request, landing a trade with the Celtics for guard Isaiah Thomas, along with other players and draft picks.

NBA 2K18 drops September 15th. Pre-order your copy at Amazon.com.