DAZED magazine celebrates the 10-year anniversary of Nicki Minaj’s debut mixtape, Playtime Is Over, with the cover of its Autumn/Winter 2017 issue.

The rap star appears on three different covers for the mag’s new issue, photographed by Steven Klein. One features her on the back of a black horse; another staring into the camera in a grainy black-and-white flick; and the final cover in black and white, with her face framed with masking tape.

Inside the mag, Nicki talks about her career accomplishments thus far. “I came into this industry and demanded more,” she says. “I wanted more for female rappers. I wanted more for black women. I wanted to make more than what men were making. And I did it. I did it.”

Later, she talks about what she refers to as “genius” behind her plan coming in and making a ton of money. “I knew my worth from very early on,” Nicki explains. “Some may call it attitude, some might call it genius! Some might call a female rapper being able to get a million dollars for one show genius!”

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Nicki is currently prepping her first album in three years.