Netflix is a Joke Billboards
via Twitter / Claudia Eller

With the emergence of Netflix, many people have cut their cable in favor of the on-demand streaming service. Well, in doing this, the company has stirred the pot and not everyone likes it.

Apparently, someone is hating on Netflix… as billboards in Los Angeles and New York City have pop up with a bold message to the company: “NETFLIX IS A JOKE.”

As you can see via the image above, the billboards are monochromatic, with bold black text on a white background. But, who put them up?

According to Variety, Netflix themselves have put up the signage around both cities, as part of a new marketing campaign. However, it’s unclear what the campaign is all about. And, Netflix has yet to publicly comment on the billboards.

Reports speculate that the Netflix campaign is centered around their upcoming stand-up specials from Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle, among others.

So far, the billboards have been spotted in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York, over the Arco gas station at Olympic and Robertson in Los Angeles, and in various other locations.