Watch Okuda Paint his “Skull Mirror Castle” in France

Okuda Paint Skull Mirror Castle

Spanish street artist Okuda recently visited a 19th century castle in France… and gave it in a new look in his familiar multi-colored, geometric style.

While the end result, dubbed “Skull Mirror Castle”, is beautiful, luckily, the fellas at Chop ‘Em Down Films were there to document the creation process of the popular artist.

In the short clip, we see Okuda put his artistic touch on the castle, from start to finish, via scaffolding and a massive supply of spray paint.

If you’re in France and wanna check it out for yourself, it is located at: Domaine de La Valette, Route de Montargis, 45290 Pressigny-les-Pins.

Otherwise, check out the epic “Skull Mirror Castle” by Okuda get created in the clip above.