via Instagram / Tyga

Nope. This isn’t a joke. It appears Tyga may be prepping a new album, where he will showcase his singing skills.

The rapper took to Instagram over the weekend, posting short clips of himself flexing his vocals, signing short parts of Usher’s classic “Nice & Slow” and Donell Jones’ “Where I Wanna Be.”

By the end, Tyga let out a cough and said: “Sh*t, I can’t sing.”

While fans thought it was a joke, the rapper took to Twitter, claiming he was serious about trying his hand at singing. “Y’all think I’m playing. that singing album coming soon😄,” Tyga tweeted.

He later followed with another video on Instagram. This time, he used Auto Tune.


After listening to Tyga sing, what do you think? Can he pull off a singing album?

Tyga is currently promoting his Bitch I’m the Sh*t 2 album, and is slated to hit the road for the “Bitch I’m the Sh*t 2 Tour”, which kicks off later this month.