Roger Federer Goes Sneaker Shopping in NYC

Roger Federer Sneaker Shopping

Tennis legend Roger Federer is the latest guest on Complex’s “Sneaker Shopping” series, stopping at Stadium Goods in New York City to talk sneakers and tennis.

Things star with the 36-year-old talks about idolizing Michael Jordan as a kid, and later, being able to collaborate with Jordan Brand on his own shoe.

“They made it easy for me. They were like, ‘What about collaboration with Michael?’ And I was like, ‘Well, yes, of course, he’s my hero.’ They asked me what model I wanted to work on, and I was like, ‘Well, the III, obviously. Let’s do it!’ We came up with the white, then we had to do the black. I love the Elephant Print, so for me that was a dream come true. Because looking back, I can always says, ‘I have a shoe with Michael,’ ” Federer explained.

Later, he talks about working with legendary Nike designer Tinker Hatfield. “He’s an incredible mind, super inspired, and very fast-working. When I spoke to him about the Vapor, he was like. ‘What do you want?’ I was like, ‘Well, I always like the comfort fit of a jogging shoe, and I always feel like these tennis shoes needs an hour and a half to break in.’ He was like, ‘OK, let me address that issue.’ He came back out with the Vapor, and it was a genius shoe. He drew it on his iPad. He was doing his thing, I thought he was having fun with it, and the next you know, he was like, ‘Here’s the Vapor.'”

Despite his close relationship with Nike and Jordan, Federer says Nike won’t send him every sneaker he wants.
“I do get the ‘no’ sometimes. I’m actually happy it’s this way. It can’t always be, ‘OK, please send me this one.’ The chase is the fun bit. You want to wear them, too. You can’t order too many shoes. But for the main part, they take care of me.”

At the end, Federer cops at few sneakers. Watch to see what he buys.