Conor McGregor
via Twitter / UFCRelated

Its been over a week since Conor McGregor took on Floyd Mayweather in their heavily-hyped, August 26th megafight.

Obviously, if you followed the fight, you know Mayweather earned a 10th round TKO… in what was an entertaining performance for the casual fan.

Immediately after the fight, Conor was filmed as he spoke to UFC president Dana White for the first time after Mayweather earned the victory.

His first words? “I’m sorry,” he told White, with a disappointed look on his face.

White immediately made it clear he was not upset, but extremely proud of the UFC star. “Sorry?! Dude, I’m ecstatic,” he reassured McGregor. “I’m telling you, you’re unbelievable.”

Interestingly, given McGregor’s reaction, he went into the fight 100% believing he was going to come out victorious.

And, as White said, he considered McGregor’s performance a win in his book.