Documentary Delves Into World of Street Racers in the Dominican Republic

Street Racers in the Dominican Republic

French director Aurélien Heilbronn delves into the world of illegal street bike racers in the Dominican Republic, via this new documentary short simply titled Street Racers.

The nine-minute video follows a tight-knit community of teens who risk their lives to entertain themselves, blocking off motorways and hitting high speeds on small custom bikes.

According to Heilbronn, he filmed the doc over the summer after noticing a group of young kids “ignoring every law and taking all the risks to have fun on their bikes in the darkness of the night.”

“The group I followed makes a living chasing illegal races on small, customized motorcycles,” he said. “They block highways and race at exhilarating speeds rarely wearing helmets. In search of adrenaline, these kids find an escape route and a way to keep boredom at bay.”

In addition to racing, Heilbronn also highlighted their everyday lives and stories: the gang, the parties and violence. “It is this paradoxical safe universe, created by them and for them that I wished to capture,” he said.

Check out the Street Racers documentary above.