Wow! Lonzo Ball Said Nas is Irrelevant; Migos & Future are “Real Hip-Hop”

Lonzo Ball disses Nas

Wow! Yes, you read the headlight right. Lonzo Ball dissed Nas, essentially calling him irrelevant, while naming off Migos and Future as “real hip-hop.”

During the first episode of the Ball family’s docuseries Ball in the Family, the 19-year-old Los Angeles Lakers rookie was asked about hip-hop… and he made the controversial statement.

In the clip, Lonzo is told that he would be encouraged to listen to “real hip-hop” during filming. Immediately realizing that meant music from before his time, he replied, “That’s not gonna happen.”

“Y’all outdated man. Don’t nobody listen to Nas anymore […] Real hip-hop is Migos, Future.”

The internet responded just how you think they would. Most called it blasphemy, though many young fans appeared to agree.