Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Keeping the plot of movies and projects can sometimes be a task, but Disney has done taken major precautions for anything Star Wars.

With “Force Friday II” here, a range of toys and products hit the market, but director Rian Johnson has assured that there won’t be any spoilers. When asked directly on Twitter, he replied, “Nah, unless seeing what characters & ships look like count, we were careful to make sure the toys & toy marketing don’t spoil anything.”

Well, this one may have slipped through the cracks.


Trading card company Topps revealed a checklist of the new set for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and it appears to reveal the forthcoming film’s entire plot, as reported by Digital Spy.

Here’s the list:

91 ‘Rey’s Solitude’
92 ‘General Leia Organa’
93 ‘Rey and her Lightsaber’
94 ‘On Crait’
95 ‘Rushing to Attack’
96 ‘Finn’s Recovery’
97 ‘Poe Responds’
98 ‘The Fury of Kylo Ren’
99 ‘Shards of the Past’
100 ‘Luke’s Grim Perspective’
101 ‘Ski Speeder Assault’
102 ‘Walkers Incoming’
103 ‘The Resistance’
104 ‘The Resistance X-wing’
105 ‘The Resistance A-wing’
106 ‘The Battle Commences’
107 ‘Frigates Under Fire’
108 ‘The Resistance Vs The First Order’
109 ‘The Millennium Falcon Flees’
110 ‘Heroes United’

As seen in the checklist above, it appears to hint at two major battles in The Last Jedi. One, in particular, as Digital Spy points out is “The Fury of Kylo Ren”. Is this the rumoured battle between Rey/Luke and Kylo/The Knights of Ren.

Then, later in the list you see a card titled “The Millennium Falcon Flees”. Does this mean the movie will end with the Resistance on the losing side? Much like the original trilogy’s second film, The Empire Strikes Back?

Despite this info leak, everything is still just speculation until the movie is released.

Since the report, Topps Company told Digital Spy that their Star Wars: The Last Jedi trading card set is not in chronological order.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15.

“Force Friday II” has also revealed a new character. See who it is here.