Big Baller Brand Unveils LaMelo Ball’s Signature Shoe: the MB1

Big Baller Brand Melo Ball 1

After unveiling the Lonzo Ball’s ZO2 back in May, Big Baller Brand has officially introduced the signature sneaker of Lonzo’s 16-year-old brother, LaMelo.

The BBB brand unveiled the youngest Ball brother’s sneaker on social media, dubbed the Melo Ball 1. Like Lonzo’s shoe, it carries a hefty pricetag of $395 USD.

According to the website, the shoe was designed by LaMelo and features an “Advanced Performance Insole” that provides maximum comfort, as well as “shock absorbent materials” that make it “one of the lightest basketball shoes on the market”. The upper is made of a woven textile, while sporting a camo knit upper, contrasted by a rich red throughout the heel and misole, and black on the tongue and outsole.

The Big Baller Brand Melo Ball 1 (MB1) is available for pre-orders now online, with orders shipping by December 23.

Following the shoe’s announcement, questions arose over concerns that the shoe may affect LaMelo college eligibility.

His father LaVar tells ESPN he’s is not concerned whatsoever. “We’ll worry about it when we get there,” he said. “Who cares? If he can’t play, then he can’t play. It doesn’t mean he’ll stop working out and getting better.”

ESPN by asked the NCAA about the matter, who did confirm it may risk the teen’s future eligibility. “Generally speaking, a college athlete or prospect paid for use of their athletics reputation or ability risks their future eligibility in that sport.”

“This includes profiting from the sale of items bearing the young person’s name,” NCAA spokesperson Emily James told ESPN. “NCAA rules, however, do allow prospects to promote commercial products prior to enrollment, provided it is not for pay.