Introducing Fender’s Retro-Inspired Newport Bluetooth Speaker

Fender Newport Bluetooth Speaker

Legendary music brand Fender bundled up its world-class audio technology into a portable speaker for the home with the Newport Bluetooth speaker.

The new speaker takes Fender sound portable. The 30-watt speaker connects to your music playing device via Bluetooth or a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack, and pushes out clear, powerful sound via a tri-diver system with two woofers and a single tweeted.

As you can see, the Newport also boasts a beautiful design in black and silver, inspired by Fender’s ’68 Custom amplifiers. From the witch-hat knobs to the amp jewel and control labels, you get a retro style, which is noticably absent from other Bluetooth speakers on the market.

Furthermore, the speaker features a USB port to charge external devices. Inside is a Li-ion battery is big enough to keep it running for up to 12 hours or charge a phone twice. Wow!

The Fender Newport Bluetooth Speaker is available now at the brand’s online store for $199.99 USD.