2017 MTV VMAs Draws Lowest Ratings Ever

via MTV

The 2017 MTV VMAs took place in Los Angeles over the weekend and Kendrick Lamar was the bigger winner. However, no one was watching.

Well, not exactly, but the awards show saw its lowest ratings ever, when he was aired live on Sunday (Aug. 27).

According to Billboard, the VMAs aired across 10 different channels, including MTV, MTV2, VH1, Comedy Central, and other Viacom-owned sister networks, and drew just 5.68 million viewers, down from 6.5 million the year before.

Apparently, this is a trend for MTV’s annual awards show. According to TV Line, this is the fourth straight year of a decline in ratings for the VMAs.

In 2002, when the show aired exclusively on MTV, it garnered 11.9 million viewers.

These days, the VMAs have some stiff competition. It went head-to-head with the season 7 finale of Game of Thrones, TV’s most popular show, which drew a series record 12.07 million viewers. It did, however, beat the HBO series in the teen demographic.

Furthermore, the VMAs killed it on social media, trending globally for 13 hours and defeating Game of Throne as a top trending traffic.

As mentioned, Kendrick was the evening’s big winner, taking home six Moon Persons.