Red Bull TV is slated to debut a new original series starring streetwear designer Kyle Ng called Social Fabric, where he takes viewers on a journey through the world of menswear.

The series, which we get a peek at in the trailer above, dives into the lives of craftsmen, collectors, celebrities and eccentrics around the world, each of whom share a passion for clothing. Through 12 episodes, Ng travels from Kenya to Scotland and from Tokyo to Texas, exploring different types of fabric or apparel, including plaid, cowboy boots, the fedora, leather jackets, bling and camouflage.

“The passion for what we put on crosses borders and culture,” Ng says. “Look at the jeans you wear everyday. There’s history and inspiration behind every pair, whether it’s a pair of turn-of-the-century Levi’s used by American coal miners or treated as an experimental fabric in Japanese streetwear design. The fabrics many of us wear everyday can take on a whole new expression in the hands of a culture or artist.”

The Los Angeles-based menswear designer is known for his work in streetwear, but has also collaborated with names like Levi’s, Vans and Urban Outfitters.

Social Fabric premieres on Red Bull TV on September 1, free and on demand.