Pharrell x Adidas Tennis “Don’t Be Quiet Please”

Pharrell x Adidas Tennis Don't Be Quiet Please

Adidas, Pharrell Williams and Stan Smith launched a new campaign over the weekend, dubbed “Don’t Be Quiet Please”, at the Frederick Johnson Community Court in Harlem, New York.

The campaign that invites the local community to share personal messages that inspire change through love, which is showed in the first video above.

Saturday’s event served as a preview to the “Quiet Please” series of activations across New York City.

“Every tennis match starts with the same two words: ‘Quiet Please’. But change can be noisy and our love can transform anything,” says Pharrell. “Outside the court we will let our voices be heard as loud as we can. If you see the potential for good, speak up. Together, we can change the game for the better.”