Introducing New Kids Sneaker Brand: Super Heroic

Kids Sneaker Super Heroic

Former Jordan Brand design director Jason Mayden has ventured off on his own, launching a new children’s technical sneaker brand called Super Heroic.

Its inaugural release is the TMBLR v1 Sneaker — the first ever performance-designed shoe for kids, which the brand says “inspires sneakerheads-turned-parents to get their kids out and play.”

“We’ve created our company around the idea of tactical play,” says Mayden. “Tactical play is a balance of social emotional learning and physical engagement.”

“During play a child’s foot works in a very different capacity than an adult’s foot,” he adds. “We wanted to create a product that moves with the child, providing balance, stability and superior comfort.”

The TMBLR v1 features multiple surfaces with a midsole sidewall traction ridges, adding grip for a child that’s climbing a slide or running across the playground. It also features a utility strap that provides security without restriction, while a dual density midsole aids in multi-directional movement.

The Super Heroic TMBLR v1 is available now at the brand’s online store for $99 USD.

The brand is also prepping two limited edition collaboration, which will be unveiled this fall.