Watch a Tesla Smoke a Lamborghini Aventador at the Drag Strip

Tesla Model X vs Lamborghini Aventador

We’ve all heard of Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode, allowing it to reach speeds so fast, it can smoke a supercar.

In this new DragTimes clip, we see a Tesla Model X P100D SUV lining up against a Lamborghini Aventador at Palm Beach International Raceway for a quarter mile race.

The winner? You’d expect the Lambo, right? It has an insane 6.5L V12 engine, rated at 750 hp, while the Tesla has dual motors, capable of 588 hp to the wheels. Easy? WRONG!

Using Ludicrous Mode, the Tesla is able to launch to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds, allowing it to jump ahead of the Lambo quickly. While the Lambo nearly catches the Tesla at the end of the race, its too late.

According to the video, the Tesla Model X is clocked at 11.418 seconds at round 118mph, 0.05 seconds faster than the Aventador.

Watch the race above and tell us what you think.