Volcom Introduces its Stone Made Collection With Cone Denim

Volcom x Cone Denim Stone Made Collection

Volcom recently launched the latest installment of its “Stone Made” collection of jeans and chinos for Summer 2017.

Unlike last year’s offering, this year, the brand created the line in collaboration with Cone Denim, utilizing its patented technology and sustainability elements at the fabric level for added function and comfort.

The new denim and chinos feature Superior Stretch S GENE, a technology that gives the pants twice the power of normal stretch denim fabric, with Cone’s S GENE recovery giving it the ability to retain its original shape.

There’s also CONESTRONG, a unique blend of Twaron/nylon/cotton, giving the pieces incredible strength and durability to resistant to tear and abrasion; Anti-Microbial that reduces odor causing bacteria and actually lasts the life of the jean; CONEGARD protection making them water resistant; and finally REPREVE: recycled fiber made from recycled materials, including used plastic bottles.

The denim comes in Volcom’s familiar fit options, including Vorta and Solver, slim and straight fits respectively.

The Volcom Stone Made Collection is available now at authorized retailers and online, and in various colors and washes.