Disrespectful! Dude Runs Up on Lil Dicky, Slaps Drink Out of his Hand

Dude Runs Up on Lil Dicky

Anything for the ‘gram. Some dude, trying to get those likes and views on social media, ran up on Pennsylvania rapper Lil Dicky recently… and completely disrespected him.

The rapper appeared to be just chilling at a local baskeball court, when a dude — who shouts out his Zero F’s Squad — approached him and slaped his drink out of his hand.

A stunned Lil Dicky seemed confused about the whole ordeal, and even smiled as the dude boasted for the camera, which his homie was filming.

Oh, the disrespect. SMH!

Not familar with Lil Dicky? The rapper is from Cheltenham Township, PA and made XXL’s 2016 Freshman Class list.