LOL! John Wall is Salty Over His “NBA 2K18” Rating

John Wall in NBA 2K18
via 2K

Players take their ratings seriously in every installment of NBA 2K. With 2K18 on the way, the numbers are slowly being unveiled… and some NBA stars aren’t happy.

2K announced this month that Washington Wizards star John Wall has been given a rating of 90… and apparently, he wasn’t happy.

The rating follows a huge season for Wall, who finished with a career-high in points (23.1), field goal percentage (45.1), and assists (10.7). Because of it, he is just one of just nine players with a rating of 90 or more in NBA 2K18.

After the rating announcement, Wall took to Twitter and called out marketing director Ronnie Singh, known by most as Ronnie 2K.

Wall further addressed the online feud, via an interview with CSN Mid-Atlantic. He said it continued in the DMs. “I don’t really care for games. I play them for fun. He just tried to say my rating was a 93 when it ended last year. No, it wasn’t. It was a 90,” he said. “Well, so what? Then, he sent me a DM after and was like ‘I’m just playing.’ I was like ‘don’t try to be friendly with me.'”

“He said it’s a joke and I didn’t respond. I didn’t respond to him. I knew he was going to send a DM,” Wall added.